In Chinese, the word “crisis” is composed of two characters, danger and opportunity.

Once you are in a crisis situation, it is too late for preparation.

Media Impact provides essential services to help you prepare your plan, prepare your spokespeople, and to test your preparedness to handle any realistic crisis scenario.

It is crucial that everyone understands their role, and how to handle media and public inquiries, ahead of any crisis.

We will assist you in identifying your areas of risk and vulnerability.  In developing  key responses to cover those areas.  And in training your team to deliver them.

Our crisis training sessions are tailored and can be one-on-one with a major spokesperson, through to real-time rehearsals involving your whole team and our supply of reporters and equipment covering all three media.

Successful crisis management must include a strong focus on media relations to recover any damage to public image and assure stakeholders that recovery is underway.

Crisis Management