Your ability to communicate, to persuade people to respond to your ideas, processes, products or services is crucial to your development and success.

Media Impact specializes in all aspects of effective communication.

We believe that media communication and general communication skills are learned. Good communicators are not born that way. Our method is to unlock your personal and professional potential and to begin a process of continuing development.

Services cover the development of spokespeople for public presentations and media interviews; crisis management control; and video and audio production for internal audiences, the mass media and the internet.

Media skills development demystifies the media, shifts the control from the interviewer to you, and provides practical training to hone interview control skills.

Crisis Management provides realistic preparation to test your plan, your spokespeople, and your preparedness to handle a real crisis.

Presentation programs and Stakeholder Engagement build confidence in public speaking, whether delivering to a small room of peers, an antagonistic public meeting or again, a media interviewer.

Production services assist your branding and communication to in-house audiences, website visitors or the media through Video and Audio News Releases.

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